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Basingstoke Kite Festival
Down Grange Sports Complex, Pack Lane, Basingstoke, Hampshire (Google Map)
Saturday 2nd & Sunday 3rd June 2018
Arena Displays and Stands open 10am - 5pm
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Loddon Valley Kite Flyers was founded in 1992 when a group of kite enthusiasts, who were meeting at various flying sites around the Basingstoke area, realised that there was an opportunity to gather on a more formal basis to fly and to discuss all aspects of kiting, from designing and building to the finer details of flying techniques. This group would also be able to contact each other to arrange impromptu Fly-Ins for when there was that ideal wind blowing.

Shortly after forming and coming to the attention of Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council, the group was asked if it was possible for them to organise a Kite Festival. As one of the aims of the group was to promote the hobby, work began and the first Festival took place in 1993. Such was the success that the Basingstoke Kite Festival is now held on an annual basis at the Down Grange Sports Complex.

The Loddon Valley Kite Flyers have a broad range of Kiting interests and are always happy to pass their experience on. From Single line kites through to Power or Traction Kites. From dual line Trick Kites to Night Flying. From Kites made of Paper to Appliqued Images. Experience exists within the club to be shared among members.

However, the primary objective of the Club is to promote Safe and Responsible Flying, this is to ensure the protection of other members of the Public and the Kite Flyers themselves. The club has members of all skill levels and encourages development of those skills so that they can be passed on to other people.

Benefits of Club Membership:
Regular meetings of Kite Flyers
Regular ‘Fly-Ins’
A broad range of experience ‘on tap’
Public Liability Insurance (Not Power Kiting or Traction activities (Buggy, Boards etc.))

I f you would like to join the Loddon Valley Kite Flyers, then please use our contact form to apply for membership.


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